KR 8 R1620 Industrial Automation Welding Robot Arm For 8KG Payload Needs

Place of Origin China
Brand Name KUKA
Model Number KR 8 R1620
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price 24000$~26000$
Packaging Details With Wooden Box
Delivery Time 5-8 Week
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 30PCS/30Day

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Product Details
Protection IP54 Axis 6
Condition New Payload 8KG
Weight 165kg Repeatability ±0.04mm
Model KR 8 R1620 Mounting Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
High Light

Angle Mounting Welding Robotic Arm


KR 8 R1620 Welding Automation Arm


8KG Payload Welding Robot Arm

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Product Description

Product Description:

KR 8 R1620 Overview:

Payload Capacity: The model name "8" typically suggests a payload capacity of about 8 kilograms. This means that the robot is capable of handling objects or tools weighing up to this limit.

Reach and Work Envelope: The "1620" may refer to the robot's reach, indicating a reach of around 1620 millimeters. This dimension defines the maximum distance from the robot's base to the end of its arm, outlining the work envelope.

Compact Design: The AGILUS series is well-known for its compact design, making it suitable for use in confined spaces or situations where a smaller footprint is essential.

High Precision: KUKA robots are recognized for their precision and repeatability. The KR 8 R1620 is likely capable of performing tasks with high accuracy, making it suitable for applications requiring precise movements.

Versatility: KUKA robots are often highly versatile and can be utilized in various industries and applications, including manufacturing, assembly, and material handling.

Control System: KUKA robots typically use the KUKA Robotics control system, providing users with a user-friendly interface for programming and controlling the robot's movements.

Safety Features: Modern industrial robots, including those from KUKA, are equipped with advanced safety features to ensure safe human-robot collaboration in industrial environments.



Payload Capacity

The "8" in the model name suggests a payload capacity of around 8 kilograms, indicating the maximum weight the robot can handle.


The "1620" likely refers to the robot's reach, approximately 1620 millimeters. Reach defines the maximum distance the robot's end-effector can travel from its base.

Compact Design

KUKA's AGILUS series, to which the KR 8 R1620 may belong, is known for its compact design. This makes it suitable for applications in confined spaces or situations with limited workspace.

High Precision and Repeatability

KUKA robots are recognized for their precision and repeatability, ensuring accurate and consistent performance in various applications.


KUKA robots are designed to be versatile and adaptable to different tasks and industries, such as manufacturing, assembly, and material handling.

Control System

KUKA robots typically use the KUKA Robotics control system, offering a user-friendly interface for programming and controlling the robot's movements.

Safety Features

Industrial robots, including KUKA models, often incorporate advanced safety features to ensure safe interaction with human operators in collaborative work environments.

Ease of Integration

KUKA robots are generally designed with ease of integration in mind, facilitating their incorporation into various automation systems.


Technical Parameters:

Key Value
Model KR 8 R1620
Payload 8KG
Reach 1620mm
Mounting Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Brand KUKA
Protection IP54
Axis 6
Repeatability ±0.04mm
Condition New
Weight 165kg


The KR 8 R1620 is capable of both assembly and disassembly, making it a valuable tool in assembly lines for efficiently and precisely assembling components. Despite its compact design, this robot can easily work in tight or confined spaces.

One of the robot's many applications is material handling, including tasks such as picking, placing, and transporting items. With its agility and precision, the KR 8 R1620 is well-suited for use in logistics and warehouse environments.

For machine tending, the robot can assist in loading and unloading materials, as well as performing repetitive tasks to ensure continuous production. This enhances efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes.

The KR 8 R1620's capabilities also extend to palletizing and depalletizing materials, making it a valuable asset in automating packaging processes. It can efficiently palletize finished products or depalletize materials, improving overall efficiency.

In quality control processes, the KR 8 R1620 can be programmed for precise testing and inspection of products. This contributes to improved quality assurance and ensures that products meet high standards.

The robot is also well-suited for packaging applications, such as packing products into boxes or containers. Its accuracy and high speed make it a valuable asset for enhancing efficiency in packaging lines.

When it comes to electronics manufacturing, the KR 8 R1620's precision and flexibility make it a valuable asset. It can handle delicate components with accuracy, contributing to the manufacturing of high-quality electronics.

The KR 8 R1620 also has potential applications in research and development environments, where flexible and programmable automation is necessary for testing and experimentation. Its precision and versatility make it well-suited for various tasks.

In educational institutions and training centers, the KR 8 R1620 can be a valuable learning tool for teaching about industrial automation and robotics. Students and professionals can gain hands-on experience with this advanced robot.

With proper safety features, the KR 8 R1620 can also be used in collaborative applications, where it can work alongside human operators safely. This opens up new possibilities for increasing efficiency and productivity in various industries.


Packing and Shipping:

Welding Robot Arm Packaging and Shipping

Thank you for purchasing our Welding Robot Arm. To ensure safe and secure delivery of your product, we have carefully prepared the packaging and shipping process.


The Welding Robot Arm will be packaged in a sturdy and durable cardboard box to protect it from any potential damage during transit. The box will be securely sealed and labeled with the product name and shipping information.

Inside the box, the Welding Robot Arm will be further protected by foam padding to prevent any movement or impact during shipping. The packaging materials used are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.


We offer worldwide shipping for our Welding Robot Arm. The shipping cost will be calculated based on the weight and destination of your order.

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