1730mm Reach Welding Automation Arm 6 Axis For Versatile Welding Solutions

Place of Origin China
Brand Name YASKAWA
Model Number AR1730
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price 24000$~26000$
Packaging Details With Wooden Box
Delivery Time 5-8 Week
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 30PCS/30Day

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Product Details
Repeatability ±0.02mm Brand YASKAWA
Model AR1730 Reach 1730mm
Condition New Mounting Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Axis 6 Protection IP54
High Light

Industrial Welding Automation Robot Arm


1730mm Reach Welding Automation Arm


Welding Arm 6 Axis

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Product Description

Product Description:

Payload Capacity:

The AR1730 robot is designed to handle a specific range of payloads, enabling it to efficiently perform tasks involving carrying heavy materials.

Working Radius:

The robot's working radius indicates the extent of its workspace, measured from its base to the end of its robotic arm.

High Precision and Repeatability:

YASKAWA robots are renowned for their outstanding precision and repeatability, making them well-suited for applications that require precise control.


The AR1730 robot boasts flexible motion capabilities, making it a versatile choice for a variety of applications including assembly, material handling, welding, and more.

Advanced Control System:

YASKAWA employs advanced control systems in their robots, providing a user-friendly programming interface for effortless operation and monitoring of the robot's activities.



Six-Axis AR1730 Robot for Efficient Arc Welding

The AR1730 robot is the perfect solution for fast and accurate performance in various arc welding applications. Its six-axis design allows for precise and efficient movement, making it a valuable asset for any welding task.
The slim profile of the robot enables high-density placement, optimizing workspace usage. Moreover, the contoured arm design allows for easy access to parts in tight spaces, preventing any interference with fixtures. This feature ensures a smooth and uninterrupted welding process.
The AR1730 robot boasts an impressive reach, making it versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of parts. Whether it's small or large components, this robot can handle it all without any hassle.
The upper arm of the AR1730 is equipped with a patented double-yoke, providing additional stability and precision during welding operations. The robot also features a symmetric wrist with a generous range, ensuring equal torch access to both sides of the part. This feature is particularly useful when working on complex components.
Moreover, the robot's 50 mm thru-hole further enhances its performance by reducing cable wear and interference. This helps maintain the robot's efficiency and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for high-demand welding applications.


Technical Parameters:

MountingAngle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Product NameWelding Robot Arm
Other NamesRobotic Welding Arm, Welding Machine Arm
MountingAngle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall



Assembly is a crucial process in manufacturing, used to perform precise tasks that improve production efficiency. This involves carefully fitting and joining parts together to create a finished product. It is an essential step as it ensures that the final product is of high quality and performs as expected.

Material Handling

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Welding is a process that joins materials together by melting the base materials and then allowing them to cool and fuse. It is known for its high precision and reliability, making it suitable for various welding applications. This process is commonly used in industries such as construction, automotive, and aerospace, to name a few.

Material Processing

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Testing and Inspection

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Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Welding Robot Arm

The Welding Robot Arm is carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery to our customers.

  • The robot arm is first wrapped in a protective layer to prevent any scratches or damage during transportation.
  • It is then placed in a sturdy cardboard box with foam inserts strategically placed to provide additional protection.
  • The box is sealed with heavy-duty tape to ensure it stays secure during shipping.

We offer worldwide shipping for our Welding Robot Arm.

  • For domestic orders, we use reliable and efficient shipping services to deliver the product to our customers within 3-5 business days.
  • For international orders, we work with our trusted shipping partners to ensure timely and safe delivery of the product.
  • Customers will be provided with a tracking number so they can track their order's progress.

Our team takes great care in packaging and shipping our Welding Robot Arm to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.



  • Q: What is the brand of this welding robot arm?
    A: The brand of this welding robot arm is YASKAWA.
  • Q: What is the model number of this welding robot arm?
    A: The model number of this welding robot arm is AR1730.
  • Q: Where is this welding robot arm manufactured?
    A: This welding robot arm is manufactured in China.
  • Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
    A: The minimum order quantity for this welding robot arm is 1 unit.
  • Q: What is the price range for this welding robot arm?
    A: The price for this welding robot arm ranges from 24000$ to 26000$.
  • Q: How is this welding robot arm packaged?
    A: This welding robot arm is packaged in a wooden box.
  • Q: What is the delivery time for this welding robot arm?
    A: The delivery time for this welding robot arm is 5-8 weeks.
  • Q: What are the accepted payment terms for this welding robot arm?
    A: The accepted payment terms for this welding robot arm are T/T.
  • Q: What is the supply ability for this welding robot arm?
    A: The supply ability for this welding robot arm is 30 units per month.